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Cover Information

Close your Eyes when listening to Niobe`s Voodooluba and you might find yourself transported back to the Cabaret Voltaire in Switzerland circa 1916. What at first sounds bizarre gradually becomes less so with each listen, and much of that`s due to Yvonne Cornelius`s voice, the brightest and most powerful star in this particular firmament..” “..Voodooluba is, admittedly, a challenging listen but engagingly (as opposed to alientingly) so. It´s a refreshingly unique collection of alien pop, exoticincantations, and dada-like vignettes, an aural analogue to the Bunuel-Dali landmark Un Chien Andalou; both are full of unexpected twists and turns and surreal moments, even if Niobe`s album includes nothing quite so jarring as the image of an eyeball slit by a razor.”

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Wires one of the best records of the Year 2004 Wire Magazine (December 2004)