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Cover Information

“..Tse Tse opens with a spoken word “Prolog” which, translated from German, is revealed as a synaesthetic blur of imagery and an oblique gloss on the music which follows. “we do not want to leave you in any doubt about what is being played,” it begins and then confounds that bid for clarity by continuing: “Out Of Limbo meets the allegorical voodooman screwed onto two ex-girls and two circle-girls. On the way to the metal-mountains, fog of the virgin of Guadalupe.” it`s hard to shake the suspicion that Tse Tse should be experiences as a fantastical drama which owes more to the surreal radio plays of Klaus Schoening than it does to the music of most of Niobe`s contemporaries in Cologne.”

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01 Prolog
02 Out Of Limbo
03 Good Old Owl
04 Black It Out
05 Tic Tac
06 Always Pointing Skywards
07 Virgin De Guadalupe
08 Nachtsendung
09 Little Things Of Frenzy
10 Sanoukiki
11 Untitled

Wires one of the best records of the Year 2003 Wire Magazine (August 2003)