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Cover Information

Sinebag is the more pop orientated side project of Alexander Schubert. At this point he focuses mostly on composing contemporary multimedia works for ensemble, electronics and video. Schubert has also played frequently in different improvised contexts - ranging from free jazz to conceptual improv. While these poles and the harmonic sinebag project used to be really different fields of work, they started to merge together more and more - now being rather different aspects of a similar approach on music. As working on this album took approximately three years, the pop elements were heavily influenced by the other fields of composition and improvisation, that Alexander Schubert was focusing on mostly in this period of time. This explains why the album is released as “Alexander Schubert plays Sinebag” – as it’s neither like his composed music nor like the old Sinebag releases.

That being said, there are still concepts continued from the old albums: Most obvious are the still present folk guitar elements and the use of nature field-recordings and different forms of non-tonal noises. While the new works explore ideas in greater length and complexity the underlining aesthetic is still comparable. On a micro-level though, fundamental differences occur: the speed and density and aggressiveness, which evolve from calm origins, is the most remarkable change in the current pieces. On the preceding albums “Près de la Lisière” and “Milchwolken in Teein” the collages had a more gentle feeling to them, which on the current CD has been given up for a fragmented approach rich in contrast.

The three major pieces on this album are based on recordings of live-electronic improvisations with several instruments. These multi-track recordings were then heavily edited and rearranged in a studio setup and superimposed with different other sketches, written in a more songwriting kind of style. At this point, previously (and independently) recorded material, played by several musicians was brought in the project and interweaved in the work. The use of simple midi-based instruments makes the distinction of the origin of sounds even more complicated. The result is a pretty artificial hybrid based on live recordings, sample material and synthesized sounds. Recognizable melodic instruments are mostly Midi, the flickering acoustic loops are based on source material by Nora-Louise Müller (clarinet), Sven Kacirek (drums), Jonathan Shapiro (percussion), Oliver Schwerdt (piano), Oliver Gutzeit (saxophone), Brian O'Reilly (processed double bass) and Matthias Koole (electric guitar). The field recordings were recorded in Dalmatia.

Further information can be found at sinebag.de and alexanderschubert.net.
Sinebag is played live mostly with percussion, clarinet and electronics – solo sets happen occasionally too.

Presskit Tracklist Reviews

1) Semaphores 1
2) A few Plateaus 1 2 3
3) Preliminary 1
4) Vowels 1
5) All My Models 1
6) Slept 1
7) Wake-up, Fly Ray 1 2

"The pace is cinematic, widening its tensions into light as if the sun were setting on the solstice, anticipating and receiving change all along its path."
Igloo Magazine