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A collection of peaceful, mostly acoustic instrumentals establishing small, wonderful moments like a japanese haiku.

Yuichiro Fujimoto was born in 1981 and lives in urayasu chiba, japan. he has already released two critically acclaimed albums in the last years and managed to established a very unique style. his songs are little, open poems, describing a small moment like a haiku does. the compositions are simple-strucured, but in this loose way of playing lies the strength of fujimoto's work. this openess allows the music to create rooms, situations, to establish an atmosphere beyond the notes played.
And this what Yuichiro does on "the mountain record" in a most beautiful way. the nine songs all approach this aim in a different way. Yuichiros instrumentation covers guitars, piano, xylophone, electronics and harmonica. All the songs are little, minimalistic and peaceful instrumentals.
The opening song "listen to november steps" gets by with just a few notes and a soft humming - already indicating that complexity is not the goal of this work. the pauses between the notes are at least as important as the notes itself on this cd. still this album has a variety of approaches to offer ranging from paino, pure nature-recordings to electronic editing.
This work creates wonderful little sceneries which are still open enough that you sometimes might not even recognize it as music.
Apart from making music yuichiro fujimoto is a gifted photographer. the 12-sided booklet offers an insight in his way capturing scenes as images, closely related to his way of making music.

Mastering by Greg Davis

Presskit Tracklist Reviews
Mountain Record Presskit

1. listen to november steps 2:54
2. open window (for piano) 3:49
3. handwritten map to sea 2:36
4. to make a fire in that old stove 9:24
5. wooden minimal music 2:17
6. fruit shapes 3:53
7. birds, cows, dogs and bells 3:59
8. history of dreams 4:09
9. the tale of setting sun 3:39

"Ahornfelder ist unser aller neues Lieblingslabel aus Leipzig. Eine kleine Schmiede der Freigeistigkeit."
Westzeit, 2006

"Bescheiden und großartig zugleich"
Jazz-Zeitung 2006

"Und wer sich behutsam zu Fujimotos Hügeln und Bergen vorwagt, kann in dieser Musik tatsächlich viel Wunderbares erleben. Allein das wunderschöne Booklet mit seinen beiläufig strahlenden Fotos ist die Anschaffung der CD wert."
Intro, 2006

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