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With "Magic Wand" by Little Wings Ahornfelder widens its genre variance once more to include an album we believe to be so genuinely beautiful that here's the first non-instrumental album so far. After Kyle Field, the singer and head of the changing line-up of Little Wings, released his book of drawings "Put It In A Nutshell" on Ahornfelder early 2007 it's wonderful to release his music now too.

Little Wings' sound is characterized the most by Kyle Field's notable voice. With a very unique sound he creates lush folky guitar-based tunes revolving around situations he may have experienced. But it's the poetic, stream of conscious way these images are described that establishes the special atmosphere of Kyle's lyrics. Sometimes they're reminding of the Beach Boys, sometimes more like contemporary American lofi-folk. In any way, you here a nature- and sea-loving man expressing his way of living and seeing his surrounding. And with the words and imagery he chooses his songs each establishes associations and feelings beyond simple tunes. With his always changing band he recorded an album that may well be the one sounding more like a studio-recording than the albums before. The way harmonic pop tunes and more expressive passages are alternating makes this work so special and abiding.

Presskit Tracklist Reviews
Magic Wand Presskit

1. Everybody
2. Whale Mountain
3. I Am with You
4. Sing Wide
5. Magic Wand
6. So What?
7. Laugh Now
8. White Sky
9. Uncle Kyle Says
10. Hanta Yo Three
11. Random Lee
12. Darkened Car

Als ob Kyle seine musikalischen Rohdiamanten nur mit aeusserster Vorsicht und Fingerspitzengefuehl behandelt, anstatt sie beherzt zu schleifen und zu polieren. So braucht es zwar etwas Zeit, bis die Brillanz der Songs langsam durchschimmert, das Warten lohnt sich aber allemal.
Rezension im Goon