trikband - the violation of the six inch rule
by: stefan skoopmanschap

from the moment I got this 7" in my hands I had a huge problem. there was no way to open the packaging without damaging it!
after eventually opening the package very carefully, and listening to it, I had another problem. I had to keep listening to it. I became addicted. immediately. I crossed a point-of-no-return. it's amazing!
it starts out with the only track on the 7" that is "rhythm-oriented". *the violation of the six inch rule* is non-linear, weird rhythms. it somehow reminded me of _xingu hill_'s /alterity/, yet without the looped rhythms. the rhythms sound like the _xingu hill_ rhythms, but totally cut up. but they aren't cut up, or really don't seem that way. it all flows so naturally.
*los20*, the second track on the first side, is a very confusing track to me. it has a special tension that I can't quite grasp, yet it has a very relaxing effect on me. I really can't understand how this is done, but it works wonderfully. yet again, the sounds seem cut up, or no ... they seem quite randomly placed. but they aren't ... it's impossible this was done on random, because it all flows together very well.
the third track on side one, the shortest track on the whole 7" with it's 1:32, is a guitarbased track with a lovely bass and a nearly subliminal paddy sound in the back. the guitar is more like a little children's guitar or one of those mexican things. should I repeat that even though it seems like it was done quite randomly, it all fits together wonderfully and is not at all that random?
in the single track on the second side called *autumn street*, trikband catches the atmosphere of a street, no probably highway, which as I envision it is in the middle of nowhere. cars drive by and the everything is calm. a very laidback ambient sound which is a bit melodic makes me come to a complete rest. I nearly forget to actually review this disc. the effect of this track on my mind is amazing. I haven't used any drugs, but I guess this is what it feels like when you've just smoked your first phat joint :)
for a minute, it feels like they're on to me. the sound of a policecar passing. but they don't notice me, and I just lie there, staring at the empty sky, all by myself. all is quiet. and you realise the record has already stopped playing.
all in all, this 7" is really one of the most amazing pieces of experimental music I've ever heard. it's very varried, brings a wide spectrum of musical styles for it's only a bit over 16 minutes of music, but it's very special. the seemingly randomness of side one, combined with the entrancing ambient power of side two ... it's just amazing. a must-have.