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released on pulsmusik(2002), ahornfelder (2005)

on this 7" trikband approaches the idea of pulsmusik, playing music without a strict, metric rhythm. there is no countable beat in the songs, still they have strong rhythms - though mathematically arrythmic, the hits always feel on time. this idea of composition/improvisation is inspired by patterns which occur in human interaction, movement in a not so conscious way, all the time - which explains why the music can create such a moving impact.
the first track "the violation of the six inch rule" is the fastes one, exploring quirky, electronic offbeat structures. "rapit" has a more acoustic approach with a guitar, and more natural sound drumsamples - creating a continuous tone field
the longest track "autumn street", on side b, combines in a most berautiful way the fieldrecortding of cars passing bay and an ambient-like organ/bass duo
trikband creates in four songs realisations of nonmetric rhythms - nevertheless evolving a structure, which captures a very natural form of rhythm, and intersting atmospheres.

the lp comes in milky white vinyl in a handmade transparent packaging

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1 the violation of the six inch rule
2 los 20
3 rapit
4 autumnstreet