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F.S. Blumm meets Luca Fadda
F.S. FS Blumm meets Luca Fadda
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F.S. FS Blumm meets Luca Fadda

For this record FS Blumm has written some of his most light-hearted tunes, accompanied by NY trumpeter Luca Fadda. Wonderful guitar and double bass lines are mixed with edited toy instruments and found objects. The new dimension of this album is the collaboration with Luca Fadda who places digitally processed trumpets on top of F.S. Blumm's material. These sometimes improvised elements add a new aspect to F.S. Blumm's music and create a live feeling in which the trumpet and toy sounds form an experimental but harmonic interaction.
There are two 15 minute pieces on this album: one is `Ricke and Dina`, the other is `Giorgi and Lucy´.
`Giorgi and Lucy´ was inspired by the last piece of a live set at the `epistrophy´ in New York on December 1st 2006 where Luca Fadda and F.S.Blumm met on stage. ‚Ricke and Dina' is based on a performance done in front of a childrens-audience during the presentation of a Peruvian fair trade collection of children`s wear at the belleville-store in Berlin on the afternoon of Oct. 1st 2005. Then F.S. Blumm did some overdubs in his 7 square meter storeroom (guitar, bass and tons of toys) and sent a CD-R to New York where in the spring of 2007 Luca Fadda recorded all the effected and uneffected trumpets on all tracks at Jason Candler`s Studio.
F.S.Blumm has released several solo works on labels like Morr, Staubgold and Plop, plays in the duo Sack und Blumm, writes radio plays and released his first book of drawings on Ahornfelder last year.

Presskit Tracklist Reviews
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1. Giorgi and Lucy (15:10)
2. Achim and Giovi (1:51)
3. Maude and Bainzu (2:12)
4. Ricke and Dina (15:26)
5. Andi and Jason (2:29)
6. Claus and Angel (1:58)

FS Blumm klingt im Zusammenspiel mit Luca Fadda, dem New Yorker Trompeter, als ob Miles Davis tief in der Nacht im Irrenhaus unbedingt noch ein Gute-Nacht-Konzert geben wollte, obwohl die Nachtschwester bis auf einen Kontrabass und die Spielesammlung schon alle Instrumente weggeräumt hätte.
Eine relaxte, wahrhaft große, die ganze Welt atmende, harmonische Platte.
Wirklich eine gute Platte.
Andreas Ammer, Spex 11/07

Die Auszeichnung "druckfrisch-Musiker des Monats" des ARD geht im Oktober [...] an den Berliner Multiinstrumentalisten F.S. Blumm für dessen köstlich verspieltee CD "F.S. Blfumm meets Luca Fadda"