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F.S.Blumm & David Grubbs - Back to the Plants (Music for "Drawings")
F.S.Blumm & David Grubbs - Back to the Plants (Music for Drawings)
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Greg Davis & Sebastien Roux - Merveilles

Ahornfelder is very happy to announce this wonderful collaboration between F.S. Blumm and David Grubbs. Both musicians have coined a very unique and acclaimed approach to instrumental guitar-based music and the recorded event was the first time they have played together. “Back To The Plants (music for "Drawings")” is based on an improvisation between David Grubbs (Electric Guitar) and F.S.Blumm (Classical Guitar) done on the 2nd of July 2008 inside Peter Coffin's sculpture "Untitled (Greenhouse)" at the CAAC, Sevilla. The Recording has later been enriched by material that F.S.Blumm found on his hard-drive. You will hear Ulrich Wangenheim on Bass-Clarinet (Part Three), Jan Thoben on Drums (Part One), Marcel Türkowsky on Bass (Part Four).
The 7” is designed to accompany the book release “Drawings” by F.S.Blumm which is available on Ahornfelder – but the single is available on its own too.

Presskit Tracklist Reviews
Back to the Plants Presskit

1. Part Three
2. Part One
3. Part Four
4. Part Two

"Excellent improvised music, very intimate, with small gestures. Perhaps just as naive as the drawings in the book? It shares a common background I think. A great release of two parts that go together well."
Vital Weekly

"A cool project, especially since it’s hard to tell if the book or the record is the primary object"
The Wire

"Best thing I’ve heard Grubbs involved with in quite some while."..."The resulting vignettes are tentative, fragile, abstract and kind of spidery, mirroring Blumm’s book of sketches which accompany this impressive release."
Record Collector