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“Drawings” is a book with 40 pages and 17 double-sided works. It is printed with brilliant offsettechnique on matt high-quality paper. It has the size of a 7" vinyl (~18*18cm) when it's closed.
Frank Schültge is well known for his musical work under his pseudonym FS BLUMM. He has released critically acclaimed albums on labels in Germany, USA, Japan and managed to create a very unique form of experimental, yet melodic mostly guitar-based composition. These structures between patterns and harmonics can be found in his drawings too and therefore complement his audio work in an interesting way. The pictures are abstract, minimal and with an impressive feel for achieving a complex, aesthetic work with simple means.
Frank Schültge Blumm was born in Bremen 1968 and lives in Berlin. He is freelancing as an author and producer of radio-plays (rebresch blumm) and musician, composer (FS Blumm, kinn, sack & blumm).
“Drawings” is his first solo-release for the eye, containing a »best of the last 8 years«, composed, revised and reworked between 1998 and 2006 (berlin). There are several exhibitions scheduled for the second half of 2006.

»…as a student I couldn’t decide between music and art, but in any case I always prefered to express myself with my hands, than with my mouth..«

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Conjointement, le label allemand Ahornfelder se fait maison d'édition et publie Drawings, un livre regroupant une collection de dessins de F.S.Blumm. Souvent monochromes, ses dessins au feutre ressemblent à ces traits que l'on trace inconsciemment alors qu'on est pendu au téléphone, à ces formes que l'on répète et que l'on colorie sans même s'en rendre compte. Une sorte de cahier de brouillon de pensées intimes, plus hasardeux que les mélodies du bonhomme, mais qui rejoignent ces dernières dans leur fragilité.
Autres Directiones, 2006

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