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Håkon Stene: Etude Begone Badum
Håkon Stene: Etude Begone Badum
Cover Information

The album Etude Begone Badum presents works by composers Alvin Lucier (US), Marko Ciciliani (GER/CRO) and Michael Pisaro (US), linked together by Norwegian Lars Petter Hagen’s poetic, electroacoustic intermezzi. The works employ personal, experimental and conceptual approaches to sound production, suggesting the development of a "post-percussive" practice – the topic of Håkon Stene’s ongoing Artistic Research Project “Ceci n'est pas un tambour – developing the role of the multidisciplinary performer”. This development eschews traditional playing techniques, substituting an open-ended concept wherein any sound producing object may be played in any manner imaginable.

1. Lars Petter Hagen - Study #1 in Self-Imposed Tristesse (02:07)
2. Marko Ciciliani - Black Horizon (21:26)
3. Lars Petter Hagen - Study #2 in Self-Imposed Tristesse (01:06)
4. Alvin Lucier - Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra (11:03)
5. Lars Petter Hagen - Study #3 in Self-Imposed Tristesse (01:45)
6. Michael Pisaro - Ricefall (1) (17:42)
Håkon Stene - electric guitar (2), amplified triangle (4), rice on objects (6)
Marko Ciciliani - electric guitar (2)

Tracks 1,3,5: excerpts from seven studies in self-imposed tristesse, produced by lars petter hagen at studio alpha, sweden, 2003.
Track 2 recorded by wolfgang musil at universität für musik und darstellende kunst wien, 2011. produced by marko ciciliani and håkon stene.

Track 4,6 recorded by cato langenes/notam at tomb emmanuelle, oslo, 2010.produced at notam by cato largeness and håkon stene.

Supported by Arts Council Norway and Fund for Performing Artists

Thanks to lars petter hagen, marko ciciliani, cato langenes/notam, heloisa amaral and claude iannis don de buarque.

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