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Decoder Ensemble
Decoder Ensemble
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Innovative music calls for innovative presentation, in which the “where” and the “how” of the performance play a significant role. Decoder confronts this challenge, thus redefining the very idea of the new music ensemble; rethinking the concert format and stage presence, undermining traditional concert rituals, and developing a coherent dramaturgy. This allows Decoder to develop new works that require different circumstances for their conception and realization than generally found in today’s contemporary music. The musicians of this "band for new music" strive for what can best be described as credibility, a genuine and authentic approach to the creation of their art. They’re interested in compositions that "stick out of the window" and reject repertoire representative of an established style. Music that conscientiously strives to be mainstream through its fulfillment of certain industry standards finds no home in Decoder’s oeuvre. This uncompromising quality is also apparent in the ensemble’s self-concept: instead of conceiving themselves as an ensemble that performs all types of contemporary music, Decoder had a distinct sound and performance energy from the get-go that gives them an unmistakable individuality as an ensemble.
Veritable contemporary music demands innovative conception, production, and presentation. The musicians of Decoder challenge the standard new music process of composition-rehearsal-performance, taking an active role in the entire creative process of a work from the initial musical idea to its final realization on stage, consciously working “with” and “on” the reality of contemporary performance practice.

Other releases by Decoder Track List

1. Gordon Kampe - Nischenmusik mit Klopfgeistern (2013)
2. Alexander Schubert – Sugar, Maths and Whips (2011)
3. Burkhard Friedrich – Flug P (2010)
4. Jorge Sanchez-Chiong - Asesino sin razón (2013)
5. Leopold Hurt – Fred Ott’s Sneeze (2011, rev. 2011)
6. Andrej Koroliov – like my domination (2013)