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Håkon Stene: Bone Alphabet
Håkon Stene: Bone Alphabet
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One of the most controversial composers on the New Music scene in the last thirty years, Brian Ferneyhough remains faithful to the idea of composition and interpretation as utopian, intellectually Olympian disciplines. His percussion classic Bone Alphabet comprises dense and polyphonic textures on seven non-resonant instruments. Electronic wizard Sir Duperman’s remix offers an illuminating stylistic transposition, questioning the status of canonized artworks as untouchable masterpieces.

(1) Brian Ferneyhough - Bone Alphabet
(2) Sir Duperman - Wizard & Os

Håkon Stene - percussion
Recorded at notam studios november 2009 by cato largeness and anders vin jar.
(1) produced by cato largeness, anders vin jar and håkon stene at notam.
(2) produced by jørgen træen at duper studio.

Supported by arts council norway and fund for performing artists.

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