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Picture Item Price per piece Quantity
SOLID STATE Poster, screen printing limited edition of 100 20,00 Euro
F1 Secondary Literature 13,99 Euro
Decoder Ensemble 13,00 Euro
Håkon Stene - Etude Begone Badum 13,00 Euro
Håkon Stene - Bone Alphabet 10,00 Euro
Niobe - Tse Tse 9,99 Euro Digital Only:
Niobe - Voodooluba 9,99 Euro Digital Only:
Barbara Lüneburg - Weapon Of Choice DVD 13,00 Euro
Burkhard Friedrich - Citta Utopica CD 13,00 Euro
Alexander Schubert - plays Sinebag CD 13,00 Euro
Marko Ciciliani - Jeanne of the Dark CD 13,00 Euro
Nicolas Bernier - Courant.air CD 13,00 Euro
Semuin - Elephants and Circles CD 13,00 Euro
Anne Laplantine - A little may time be CD 13,00 Euro
F.S.Blumm & David Grubbs - Back to the Plants 7"
together with the book "Drawings" in a combined packaging
13,00 Euro
Ember - Aurona Arona CD 13,00 Euro
Ahornfelder Festival 2009 poster
(50cm*70cm, silk print)
5,00 Euro
Greg Davis & Sebastien Roux - Merveills CD 13,00 Euro
Taunus - Harriet Digipack CD 13,00 Euro
Little Wings - Magic Wand CD 13,00 Euro
F.S. Blumm meets Luca Fadda CD 13,00 Euro
F.S. Blumm - Drawings BOOK 11,50 Euro
F.S. Blumm meets Luca Fadda CD AND F.S. Blumm Drawings BOOK 19,00 Euro
Kyle Field - Put It In A Nutshell BOOK 18,00 Euro
17 Pictures (Wechsel Garland) CD 13,00 Euro
Daisuke Miyatani - Diario CD 13,00 Euro
Yuichiro Fujimoto - The Mounain Record CD
2 returns available
21,00 Euro
Sinebag: Pres de la Lisiere CD
less than 10 copies left
18,00 Euro
Sinebag: Milchwolken in Teein LP 13,00 Euro
Trikband: Violation of the six inch rule 7"
less than 10 copies left
13,00 Euro

Related releases from other labels:

Ember: Oullh d'Baham CD 13,00 Euro
Euphorium_freakestra: Free Electric Supergroup Double-CD 16,00 Euro
Euphorium: Live Scenes DVD 16,00 Euro


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