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Taunus was formed by the Berliner steel string guitarists Jan Thoben and Jochen Briesen in early 2001. They were joined by several guests playing percussion, banjo, harmonium and vibraphone at live concerts. Since their first longplayer "Malinche" (Schinderwies-Production, 2005) Taunus' line-up keeps changing a bit and is heading towards a more flexible ensemble conception. For the new album "Harriet" (Ahornfelder, 2007) Derek Shirley, Michael Thieke, Wilm Thoben and F.S. Blumm were invited to play along at the recording sessions. Taunus play acoustic (mostly) instrumental music - you can find elements ranging from folk, fingerpicked minimal structures to improvised and more open forms in their music.

Jan Thoben [guitars, percussion, vibraphone]. As a member of Kinn (with F.S. Blumm & Marcel Türkowsky) Jan released records on Audio Dregs and Sinnbus. Together with his brother Wilm and Jan Ferdinand he formed the instrumental rockband band Gaston (Beau Rivage) in 2001. Moreover, he contributed music to diverse experimental-films and theater pieces. - http://www.gaston-musik.de/
Jochen Briesen [guitars, piano, harmonium]. Besides also being a member of Gaston, Jochen released experimental-electronic music with his solo-project Semuin on labels such as Audio Dregs, Happy Zloty and Power Shovel Audio. Currently he is recording a Semuin album for Ahornfelder. - http://www.semuin.de/

Wilm Thoben [vibraphone]. Wilm - Jan's brother - is a founding member of Gaston. As a staff member of the Electronic Studio Berlin (Technical University), he focuses on the technical aspects of electronic sound processing and composition. He regularly assists composers of electroacoustic music and is involved in several music and art projects.
Michael Thieke [clarinet]. Michael lives in Berlin and since 2000 also part time in Rome. His musical interests oscillate between song and abstract, free jazz, composition and silent noises. In the course of the years Michael collaborated and released records with a vast variety of musicians, participated in radio productions and worked with contemporary composers and choreographers. He toured all over Europe and was invited to well known music festivals such as Donaueschinger Musiktage and Jazz a Mulhouse. - http://www.michael-thieke.de/
Derek Shirley [double-bass]. Derek was born in Ottawa/Canada and extensively toured North-America with diverse bands. In 2001 he moved to Berlin and since then he participates in numerous projects between improvised music, noise-rock, and jazz. With Michael Thieke he is part of the improv trio Hotelgäste.
F.S. Blumm [guitar]. Frank Schültke Blumm lives in Berlin and released records with his solo-project and diverse collaborations on labels like Morr Music, Staubgold, Audio Dregs, Tomlab and Ahornfelder. He toured North-America and Europe and together with his partner Christian Berner he is the producer of award winning radio plays. - http://fsblumm.free.fr/



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