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sinebag focusses on the combination of music and sound, it's mostly charcterized by a warm, analog ambience. the songs have a collage-like character, aiming at constructing fields rather than common song structures. acoustic instruments (guitars, piano, voices, sounds) are used as well as synthetic elements which leads to a mixture of live recorded and compositional created passages. a central idea is to integrate fieldrecordings - longer recordings as ambient backings or sounds you may hear everyday like those in a kitchen.
sinebag is alexander schubert and lives in leipzig, germany.
the inspiration by everyday sounds and fieldrecorded ambiences isn't limited to the use of these as instruments but influences the compositons as such. sequences and rhythmic structures therefore build patterns inspired by the sound surrounding us all the time. this idea of creating fields is not bound to instruments or genres. they can be achieved by noise, experimental electronics, or as on the current release by monotonous guitarpatterns. the variety of approaches is illustrated by the collaborations with different musical projects rangings from folk to free jazz.
the current album "près de la lisière" (ahornfelder 2005) features mostly fieldrecordings and quiet guitar compositions. they are accomenied by electric elements, mostly discribable as clicksn cuts, and by acoustic elemnts like organs, xylophones.
the previous record "milchwolken in teein" has been released on ahornfelder und pulsmusik. the main theme on theis lp is the use of free rhythm. the spectrum of sounds is a bit broader and more genres are integrated.
In a live situation Alexander Schubert persues the goal of playing as many components live as possible - in contrast to relying on backing-tracks. This is achieved in thoughtfully structured live sets and and the use of selfbuilt instruments. Each concert has a unique compositional setup and set of instruments and is most of the times supported by other guest musicians (electronics, piano, guitars, bass). In concerts the idea of combining noisy with harmonic elements is a central part as well as the contrasts between minimalstic and noisy passages. All in all, a concert establishes a most interesting soundscape ranging from fieldrecordings, electronic noises, to guitar compositions and differs in a positve way from the typical laptop artist, as the sound synthesis is visible and understandable to the viewer.


près de la lisière milchwolken in teein thymian

audio samples

tracks from "sinebag - près de la lisière"
garten am rand
pergola paul singerstraße
petit crr. #7
klavier cutup n1, frühstück
collection d'électroniques vétustees
découper et insérer unités d'un chanson

tracks from "sinebag - milchwolken in teein"
clickn sadness
system shb