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I’ve been making records since 1982, when I was a freshman in high school in Louisville, Kentucky. I’ve made ten solo records, played in a number of groups (Squirrel Bait, Bastro, Gastr del Sol, Red Krayola, Wingdale Community Singers), and get a kick out of working with folks from far-flung fields: Stephen Prina, Cosima von Bonin, Angela Bulloch, Anthony McCall, Susan Howe, Kenneth Goldsmith, and many others. Libération once called me “le plus Français des Américains.” I'm an assistant professor of Radio and Sound Art at Brooklyn College, CUNY, and director of Brooklyn College's graduate programs in Performance and Interactive Media Arts (www.interactivearts.org).
David Grubbs

Louisville, Kentucky-born recording artist and writer. Currently resides in Brooklyn, N.Y.
In October 2008, David Grubbs released his tenth solo album, An Optimist Notes the Dusk (Drag City/P-Vine). Hybrid Song Box.4, his third collaboration with visual artist Angela Bulloch, is on display through January 7, 2009, at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum as part of the group exhibition theanyspacewhatever. His other long-term project that is nearing completion is his five-channel soundtrack to Leaving, a film installation by Anthony McCall.
Grubbsís most recent releases include Souls of the Labadie Tract and Thiefth (Blue Chopsticks), two collaborations with poet Susan Howe; Two Soundtracks for Angela Bulloch (Semishigure); and A Guess at the Riddle (Drag City/FatCat). In 2000, his album The Spectrum Between (Drag City) was named ìAlbum of the Yearî in the London Sunday Times.
David Grubbs was a founding member of the group Gastr del Sol. He currently plays in the Wingdale Community Singers and, periodically, with the Red Krayola. He also directs the Blue Chopsticks label, which has released new and archival recordings by Luc Ferrari, Derek Bailey and NoÎl AkchotÈ, Workshop, Circle X, and many others. With Jim O'Rourke, Grubbs co-directed Dexterís Cigar, an acclaimed label that reissued out-of-print recordings by, among others, Arnold Dreyblatt, Henry Kaiser, and Merzbow.
Grubbs created the soundtracks for Angela Bullochís installations Z Point and Horizontal Technicolour, and his music appears in two installations by Doug Aitken. His sound installation ìBetween a Raven and a Writing Deskî was included in the 1999 group exhibition ìElysian Fieldsî at the Centre Pompidou. He collaborated with Matmos on music for Thierry Jousseís feature film Les Invisibles, and has contributed music to Augusto Contentoís Onibus, Braden King and Laura Moyaís Dutch Harbor: Where the Sea Breaks its Back, and John Boskovichís North, as well as to the Red Krayolaís soundtrack to Norman and Bruce Yonemotoís Japan in Paris in LA. Music by Gastr del Sol appears in the P.B.S. television series The United States of Poetry, Hal Hartleyís film The Book of Life, and Doug Aitkenís film The Diamond Sea. Grubbs composed music for Karl Bruckmaierís radio adaptation of Peter Weissís Die ƒsthetik des Widerstands, which was named "Hoerbuch des Jahres 2007" (Audio Book of the Year) by Hessischer Rundfunk.
In previous lives, David was guitarist and primary songwriter in the widely influential mid-í80s punk group Squirrel Bait; he was reincarnated into the same position in Bastro, which released two albums and barnstormed Europe at the í80s/í90s cusp.
Grubbs is Assistant Professor of Radio and Sound Art in the Conservatory of Music, Brooklyn College, CUNY, as well as director of Brooklyn Collegeís graduate programs in Performance and Interactive Media Arts (PIMA). He formerly taught in the Sound and Liberal Arts departments of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and from 1999-2007 he regularly published music criticism in the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Grubbs is a 2005-6 grant recipient from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts and has been called one of two "Best Teachers for an Indie-Rocker to Admire" in the Village Voice and ìle plus Francais des Américainsî in Libération.



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