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Greg Davis & Sébastien Roux


Greg Davis is a musician based in Chicago. As an undergraduate at DePaul University in Chicago, he studied classical and jazz guitar alongside composition and jazz studies. Davis is well known for forming a musical combination of acoustic instruments and electronic processing which later became branded as laptop-folk. But his field of work constantly grew and included drone elements, harmonic song writing and sound/noise orientated works and often crosses the boarders of contemporary and popular music. This lead to several releases on labels like carpark, kranky, ache and many more and to a vast amont of concerts and tours played during the last years. In 1997, he started his own label, Autumn Records, which releases a broad catalogue of fieldrecordings as part of the "Leaves series".

Born in 1977, Sebastien Roux is sound artist living in Paris. Since 2003, he has recorded for the experimental electronic labels 12k and apestaartje. In 2005, he was awarded for his piece « un grand ensemble » at Muse en circuit 6th international competitions of Radio Piece. His main collaborative projects includes Heller (with Eddie Ladoire, published by French labels n-rec and optical sound), works with 12k artist Sogar, and with Greg Davis (the duo cd called “paquet surprise” was released on carpark in October 2005). He has released a series of sound installations called wallpaper music. This work has been shown in Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg and Bristol. He also works at Ircam as a musical assistant. (mainly with composer Georges Aperghis).
Greg Davis and Sébastien Roux started working together for their 2005 album "paquet surprise" and joined frequently afterwards to play concerts together. The Ahornfelder release "Merveilles" is the result of their continued collaboration and proves to be a document capturing their gained experience in a very diverse record.



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Sébastien Roux
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