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Born March 28th 1974 in Cagliari, Italy. At the age of about six he began playing piano, around age fourteen he started to play guitar as well as anything else he could get his hands on. He played in local hc/punk, dub reggae and Jazz groups through his teenage years. A strong interest in records and film led to hundreds of hours lost in libraries and a developing fascination with avant-garde art and composition. From 1998 to 2002 he studied trumpet at the Scuola Civica di Musica di Cagliari and from 2002 at the Conservatory of Music Pierluigi da Palestrina of Cagliari with Professor Giorgio Baggiani. During 2001, he finished the Economics University of Cagliari with highest score with a degree on global pollution as a failure of the market. While he was studing at the University and Conservatory he took several Master Classes on classical music with Sandro Verzari and Dino Tonelli; and Jazz with the best italian trumpeter Paolo Fresu, Enrico Rava, Marco Tamburini and american teacher Andy Gravish and Steve Gluzband. He studied Contemporary Music and avant garde composition with David Shea and Otomo Yoshide. He has been playing trumpet in the Big band of the Scuola Civica directed by Paolo Carrus before and after the Conservatory. He was a founding member of Chourmo Cultural Association ( www.chourmo.it ), organiser of the Marina Cafe Noir Festival ( www.marinacafenoir.it ) and creator of the " E se... ( what if...) festival " situated in the Lower East Side, New York. He composed and played music for Short Movies and Feature films such as "Short Bus" ( Cameron Mitchell with the Hungry March band ) and Dance productions for Keely Garfield ( line and sink her ) and Luigia Frattaroli (with JD Tiki and Diablo)> He has collaborated on literature, with various renowned italian writers such as Massimo Carlotto, Francesco Abate, Luciano Marroccu, Giulio Angioni. He has collaborated in theatre with Giacomo Casti ( Piogge, Tutte le americhe ) and Giancarlo Biffi from Cada die teatro. Actually he still collaborates with several contemporary musicians as; End, FS Blumm, Colin Steston, Jason Candler, Hungry March band, Pappatacio and he owns a cafe/bar in NY called Epistrophy ( www.epsitrophycafe.com )



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1. Giorgi and Lucy (15:10)
2. Achim and Giovi (1:51)
3. Maude and Bainzu (2:12)
4. Ricke and Dina (15:26)
5. Andi and Jason (2:29)
6. Claus and Angel (1:58)