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Anne Laplantine, native Frenchwoman and citizen of Berlin by choice, belongs to the rare species of musicians who speak a unique musical language. We even venture to claim that it's a new language in the field of electronic pop music. Concerning structure and composition, Anne Laplantine's music owes more to the baroque fugue than to the track-format. In addition to that, her sound is also very un-electronic, because Laplantine uses all kinds of acoustic instruments as sources for her sounds: flute, guitar, bass, glockenspiel and melodica to name but a few. With limitation as the motor of her music, Laplantine develops a music of incredible harmonic density and with a totally individual sound-aesthetic.

Over the years, Anne Laplantine has deliberately confused her audience by recording for different labels under many different guises: As MICHIKO KUSAKI she had a release on the Vienna-based Angelika Köhlermann-label, for Tomlab she recorded as ANGELIKA KÖHLERMANN and ANNE HAMBURG, for Autopilot under her given name.

Her first album for Ahornfelder is completed and will be released in 2008.



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