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Decoder Ensemble


The Decoder Ensemble, founded in Hamburg (Germany) in 2011, sees itself as a "band" for contemporary music and is one of the most unpredictable formations in the young New Music scene. Surprising collaborations are as much a part of the program as a heavily electrified sound that ranges from experimental instrumental music via vocal acrobatics to musical concept art.

Decoder’s lineup (Frauke Aulbert, Leopold Hurt, Andrej Koroliov, Carola Schaal, Sonja Lena Schmid, Alexander Schubert, Jonathan Shapiro) exemplifies an ensemble of musicians that are equally active as performers, composers, and improvisers, thus allowing for an innovative and flexible formation that collectively develop their own works as well as the interpretations of other composers' works.

Decoder’s artistic collaborations traverse cultures and genres, including collaborations with composers like Marisol Jiminez, Johannes Kreidler, Jorge Sanchez-Chiong, Genoël von Lilienstern, Steven Daverson, Gordon Kampe, Yannis Kyriakides, Michael Maierhof, Jagoda Szmytka, electronic artists like Gebrueder Teichmann, SPUR as well as the Decoder “house composers” Leopold Hurt, Andrej Koroliov and Alexander Schubert.

Decoder has performed at the Darmstadt International Contemporary Music Festival, Ars Musica (Brussels), Klang Festival (Copenhagen), Blurred Edges (Hamburg), Reverb Festival (London), Greatest Hits (Hamburg), aDevantgarde (Munich), Klub Katarakt (Hamburg), Klangwerkstatt (Berlin), Reeperbahn Festival (Hamburg), Unerhörte Musik (Berlin), Klangwerktage (Hamburg), as well as producing their own concert series in Hamburg. Upcoming performances include appearances at Warsaw Autumn 2015, Klangspuren Schwaz (Austria), Pyramidale (Berlin), and the premiere of Michael Maierhof’s new opera “Exit G”.

Decoder is the recipient of the 2012 Hermann and Milena Ebel Prize, as well as grants from the Hamburg Center for Culture, the German Music Council, Feldtmann Cultural Society, among others.

Decoder’s self-titled CD “Decoder” will be released in January 2015 on Ahornfelder Records.



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