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between sound and music
between harmonies and deconstruction
between drawings and paper waste

The label Ahornfelder releases audio and print material. The musical releases are instrumental compositions between postrock, minimal acoustic pieces, jazz and fieldrecordings. It is a combination between sound and music, noises and harmonies, patterns and deconstruction, academic approaches and melodic songwriting. In parallel the label releases books with drawings, photographies and collages.

The label's idea can't be explained by a single genre - but as a somehow related approach to instrumental music. The artists on Ahornfelder combine experimental approaches with harmonic elements which leads to an interesting and still melodic result. This concept is applied to different musical forms ranging from popular music, postrock, contemporary classical music, noise, free jazz and folk to experimental electronics. Each artist has his unique way to realize this aim.
The print-releases on Ahornfelder carry the ideas of structures, abstraction and harmonic experimentalism on a graphic level and in such way compliment the musical output. This approach is even more interesting as the artists are in several cases musicians too. FS BLUMM's current book-release "drawings" displays a range of minimalistic and abstract drawings with a brilliant aesthetic feeling for composition.
Ahornfelder is run by Alexander Schubert.